066- The TRUTH About Macro Counting: Is It a Diet?

Episode #66

In this episode, I interview Amber Brueseke from Biceps After Babies about the Truth About Macro Counting.

Topics covered in this episode:

  • How Amber discovered Macro Counting
  • The difference between counting macros vs calories (which is better for fat loss & why)
  • Fat loss vs Weight loss- the difference and why fat loss is the goal
  • How is macro counting not a "diet"?
  • How can women track macros without being obsessed or leading to an eating disorder?
  • Do women have to track macros forever to maintain their ideal body weight?

...and so much more!

Amber is running a Free 5-Day Fat Loss Challenge. Sign up here: bicepsafterbabies.com/challenge

Amber Brueseke is a wife, mom of four (ages 8-15), and a former RN who founded Biceps After Babies because she believes that being a mom doesn't have to mean your fittest days are behind you. What started as a little Instagram account to share her fitness journey online has become a business focused on empowering women to achieve. Her signature coaching program MACROS 101 has helped over 6,000 women use the tool of macro counting to build a nutrition plan that's both effective and enjoyable. Amber also created a Transformational Coach certification that teaches other health and fitness coaches how to improve client results by getting to the root of their problems.  Amber loves chocolate and peanut butter (preferably together), lifting heavy weights at CrossFit, and hanging out at the beach with her family.

Follow Amber on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/biceps.after.babies/

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