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Hi, I'm Lesya

I have a Bachelor's in Nutrition and Dietetics and have lost 110lbs in between pregnancies. I am on a mission to help women feel confident and energized so that they can live a fulfilling life without worrying about their weight.


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Comparing to the start of working with Lesya, my weight has gone from 157 to 137. Body fat went from 35% to 31%. Lots of hard work and choices, but SO worth it. Thanks, Lesya for all of the knowledge you have shared with us! My weight loss is more than I ever imagined possible for me in just 3 months!


I have lost 18 pounds so far since working with Lesya.  Lesya is so supportive and has such great advice to give us and makes us be accountable for our own selves.  We are encouraged to dig deep and get to the root of weight gains and personal choices. And she does this without a guilt trip, it is with general compassion and concern for our well-being.  I need that!

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