BSB Tribe Success Stories





 My struggle before started BSB Tribe was a lack of accountability and personal motivation. I like having a very specific, small group to talk to that is like-minded. We have become a group of friends that can help motivate each other and talk about the things in our lives that are making weight loss challenging. I like the meal plan options and being able to mix and match the menus to make things easier on my family life.  This takes the pressure off of me trying to come up with healthy meal options for my family. I enjoy having access to all the other ladies in the group in a private setting. I love getting to chat with these other ladies and having our monthly coaching calls.  This group is so cathartic. I can tell these ladies all about my good days and my bad ones and I know that we are all having very similar emotions. I have lost 18 pounds so far since joining the BSB Tribe.  Lesya is so supportive and has such great advice to give us and makes us be accountable for our own selves.  We are encouraged to dig deep and get to the root of weight gains and personal choices. And she does this without a guilt trip, it is with general compassion and concern for our well being.  I need that!

"Getting started fully with Keto was hard. I had no idea where to begin physically.  I knew what the benefits were but I had a hard time grasping the food part. I needed guidance and accountability. Since joining BSB Tribe, I am more thoughtful about what I put in my body.I feel way better, I sleep better and have more energy. I have made new friends who have the same struggles and cheer me on. It has helped me stay consistent. The strengthening exercises help with the changes as I go. What I like the most about BSB Tribe is ALL THE WOMEN in the group. We all have gotten to know each other in a group or individually, we are each other’s cheerleaders good or bad. Lesya is amazing, we know if we need her, she is there for us! That helps a lot and the fact we check-in as a group is my favorite because we get to see how great we are doing! Since joining BSB Tribe, I have lost over 40 pounds, and over 21 inches. My clothes fit great and I have more energy. I have no regrets joining the Tribe."



"Before BSB Tribe I was having a hard time staying accountable and I wasn’t able to stay on track. I had a hard time making healthy decisions for me. BSB impacted my life by giving me accountability and a community of other women struggling with the same obstacles. I really love the community of women in the BSB Tribe, they keep me going every day. Lesya keeps you accountable and motivates you with her knowledge and abundance of tools that come with the BSB Tribe membership. Each month we have something new to work on and explore! I have lost about 5 inches so far, I can see the difference in my workouts and overall health. I am getting stronger every day."




"Before joining BSB Tribe, I struggled with putting the foods together to make sure I getting the right macros and I needed something (a meal plan) to follow. Following the food part of the plan helped me lose and get to where I wanted to be. I feel and look better than I ever have and it’s a plan I can follow as a lifestyle, not a diet that I will stop doing. I love the girls that are in the group, the support from peers is great. Not only have I lost weight, (I am at my lowest weight in the last 10 years) I started working out, got my body fat % down into the normal range (not the obese range) but have gone from a size 10 to a 6. I really don’t care about getting smaller per day, I just really like the way I look and feel."



"My biggest struggle before joining BSB Tribe was meal planning and knowing just how many carbs I was eating in a week. Joining the Tribe has definitely impacted my life, alongside the meal plans (which are amazing) the different workshops I find are extremely useful. The camaraderie that the ladies in the Tribe have together especially during this time of isolation and illness I have found to be a lifeline in keeping me from overthinking and following bad thoughts down the rabbit hole. The ladies in the Tribe are very supportive and it is nice to know sometimes that I am not the only one struggling with life, weight loss, and other stuff. I think the most important thing that I have experienced so far is that once we went on lock-down and I have not been able to go anywhere, I have not gained any weight."



Comparing to the start of BSB Tribe, my weight has gone from 157 to 137. Body fat went from 35% to 31%. Lots of hard work and choices, but SO worth it. Thanks, Lesya for all of the knowledge you have shared with us! My weight loss is more than I ever imagined possible for me in just 3 months!



"Before BSB Tribe, I knew I was having inflammation issues. Now, I have discovered  how to eliminate the foods that caused my inflammation.  Lesya and tribe members are a source of support and learning. When I had questions going through each course, Lesya always there to answer questions. I have lost nine pounds since joining BSB Tribe after discovering that  I needed a gut reset. It has been a journey I knew I had to take, but wanted a resource other than medical/naturopathic.
The meal plans are so easy to follow and lay out all of the nutritional information, thus making you aware of what it is you’re actually putting in your mouth! I wanted to pick and choose what to eat and now I use meal plans as a guide each week before shopping. I love the pantry list, it’s all there on the website for you to follow. Being in the tribe has eliminated searching the Internet trying to find out information about what might be causing my inflammation. Lesya’s videos are an amazing tool that gets you thinking about your brain habits. It helps to motivate me daily....finally I realize I am in control of my success."