I can't log in. How do I reset my password?

If you're having issues logging in, forgot your password, or need to reset it, please email our support manager at [email protected] and we will resend your login.

I have a question about the program, how can I ask Lesya?

All program-related questions can be asked either inside the Private Support group or through the CKCC Question and Coaching Form 

I'm not getting any emails about program updates or what I should be working on

First, make sure to check ALL of your folders, including SPAM, PROMOTIONS, and JUNK. If the emails are there, make sure to drag them out and mark out contact as a priority/important.

If you still can't find the emails, email support at [email protected].com Your email address may have a spam filter trigger which caused an automatic unsubscribe.

I want a refund. This program is not what I thought it would be

In order to qualify for a refund, all of the following criteria must be met based on the Terms and Conditions you agreed to when you signed up for this program:

The seller offers a 14-day money-back guarantee if you have completed all the videos for Modules 0-1 attended all of the coaching calls live or watched the replays. You have 14-days to request a full refund after you have proven that you implemented the program and it did not work.

If you wish to cancel, please email our support team at [email protected] with proof that you implemented the program within 14-days of your purchase.

Once your membership is deactivated, you no longer have access to any Member benefits (including, but not limited to, content within The CKCC Blueprint bonus content, invitations to meetups and events, and the members-only Support Community).

I finished a Phase and did the Assessment but the next Phase is still unlocked.

Phases get unlocked based on WHEN you joined the program not AFTER you complete a Phase. Please be patient and know that the content will be unlocked exactly when it's supposed to be.

Just for reference, here is the current schedule *subject to change

Intro-Start Here- Unlocked right away

  • Phase 0- The Fundamentals- Unlocked right away
  • Phase 1- Adapt- After 7 days of joining
  • Phase 2- Cycle- After 30 days of joining
  • Phase 3- Adjust & Align- After 60 days of joining

Lesya does this so you don't get overwhelmed with the content, go in order and complete each phase fully before moving on to get the best results from this program.

If for some strange reason, your content does not get unlocked based on the schedule mentioned above, wait 24 hours and THEN you can email support at [email protected]