Transform Your Body With An SIMPLE Holistic Clean Keto Weight Loss Solution For Women

Are you ready to get the body you want without counting a single calorie or macro?


✓ Say goodbye to calorie counting and macro tracking - lose weight on keto the easy way

✓ Unlock the secret to sustainable weight loss and a better you with Clean Keto

✓ Stop struggling with keto - learn the secrets to making keto work for your female body

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PAY ATTENTION because this is important if you don't want to stay stuck on the diet rollercoaster.

Losing weight on keto can be a difficult journey.

Most women are doing Keto the WRONG way. 

And if you’re like most of my clients before they started working with me, then maybe you feel frustrated, overwhelmed…already wondering how long you’ll be able to stick to keto before you give in to all the carbs and sugar around you, right?

Most women think to get more results they need more motivation. They wish they had more willpower to "eat less and move more."

The real problem? Trying to follow the male version of Keto without paying attention to ALL the pieces of the weight loss puzzle.

The truth is, the only way to lose weight (on keto), and keep it off forever, is by following a Holistic Clean Keto Lifestyle that works 

One that takes into consideration your female physiology, your hormones, your stressful life, AND your old diet mentality. 

And until you know how to create that Holistic Clean Keto Plan which is sustainable as a lifestyle, you’ll waste time and money trying program after program…nowhere closer to your weight loss goals.

What happens if you stay stuck on this keto diet rollercoaster, convinced that you just have to "keto harder", "cut more carbs", "start fasting" or "do OMAD?"

You’ll continue to stay stuck, and ashamed, feel uncomfortable in your body, and continue to follow outdated keto diet rules that were created by men (for men) which don't keep the weight off for us females. This is what I call the

"Defeated Dieter"

» The Defeated Dieter is a woman who keeps jumping from diet to diet, hoping this will finally be the one that works. 

» She feels a lot of discouragement, frustration, and wasted energy on the way.

» She keeps wasting time and money trying out every new diet and fitness trend, buying programs that weren't created for women without thinking about how sustainable those things are.

» She thinks that if only she had more willpower or motivation, she would be able to "stick with it" long enough to lose her weight and then go back to "normal" eating.

A “defeated dieter” is a woman who obsesses about "hitting macros" and "counting calories."She keeps trying outdated keto diet rules created by men, even though they are impossible to maintain, leaving her hungry, feeling deprived, and depressed. And I don’t have to tell you, that’s a losing strategy. 

It's not your fault.


If you are like most women, chances are, you've been programmed to be a Defeated Dieter by the diet industry.


It’s beyond frustrating. You’re smart. You’re successful in other areas of your life, but for some reason, you can’t figure out the weight loss.


Well, until now! 

You started thinking like an Empowered Experimenter?

  • Defeated Dieters think they need to just eat less to lose weight... Empowered Experimenters understand that it's not about how much they eat, but what they eat.

  • Defeated dieters jump from diet to diet, hoping to find "the one". Empowered Exerimentors choose a way of eating that is most sustainable to their goals and lifestyle

  • Defeated dieters give up if they don't lose ten pounds in one week. Empowered Experimenters understand that weight loss is a journey, and the number on the scale is not the only thing that matters. 

  • Defeated Dieters obsess over counting calories and macros. Empowered Experimenters focus on how the food makes them feel, and the effects it has on their health

  • Defeated Dieters follow a generic male-oriented keto plan. Empowered experimenters create a Holistic Clean Keto Lifestyle plan that works for their unique female body


When you start thinking like an Empowered Experimenter, you'll feel free and empowered to make decisions that work for your body, your health, and your lifestyle. 


That is exactly what I will help you do. 


However, Making That Change On Your Own Is Not That Easy...


We've all been taught what we need to do to lose weight.

But why is it that so many women still struggle with losing and maintaining weight loss?

You just need more willpower. Why can't you just try harder? 

You have to exercise to burn more calories. Why don't you work out more?

It’s an exhausting and endless journey of relying on willpower and blaming lack of exercise.  

But the results never change.


Because you don't know what you don't know. 

You don't know how to follow Keto in a Holistic way that is aligned with your female body.

You don't know about the health blocks that may be holding you back. You're not aware of your thinking about food and weight loss and how those thoughts are self-sabotaging your efforts.  

It's only until you approach Keto in a Holistic way that you can free yourself from being the Defeated Dieter and step into the role of the Empowered Experimenter. 

And I Will Help You Make That Transformation…


I've struggled with my weight for decades.

I even went to college to be a Dietician so I can finally learn how to lose weight.

Sadly, eating 1200 calories a day and running 5 miles 6 times a week only made me fatter.

I discovered keto in 2015 and listened to the "keto experts" telling me to eat 20g of net carbs per day, fast 20 hours, and "hit the gym."

As soon as I had lost all of my weight, life would happen and I would gain 50 lbs.

First, I was eating way too much dairy and keto junk food aka "Dirty Keto."

Then the stress from juggling running a business and mom life caused a host of hormone issues, followed by gut problems, then back to hormones (PCOS, high cortisol, burned-out adrenals, anyone?).

All of these changes took a toll on my health. I was exhausted, burned out, bloated and depressed. 

 It wasn't until I created a Holistic Clean Keto Lifestyle that I was able to fix all my health issues, lose weight and feel sexy in my skin again.


The Holistic Clean Keto Weight Loss Program

Created by a Woman for a Woman who is ready to lose weight (and keep it off) in a way that aligns with her female body and busy lifestyle.


You'll go from a Defeated Dieter to an Empowered Experimenter!

Inside you'll find...

  • 4 CORE Steps that help you lose weight on Keto in a Holistic way and remove those outdated diet rules once in for all so that you can discover how our successful female clients are losing weight and keeping it off with a Keto Lifestyle

  • Live Coaching Calls & Q&A Sessions with our Women's Holistic Clean Keto Expert Coaches to help you troubleshoot and work through your mindset blocks
  • Support Community so you can get the accountability and support you need from our amazing group of women

  • Weekly Accountability  for support, guidance, and answers to your specific struggles

When you enroll in the program, you'll get access to a step-by-step process to transform your health from the inside out.



When you join the program you'll get access to the private members portal where you will have a library of self-paced lessons that will guide you through the 4-Step Process to reach your weight loss goals on keto.

Before this program, I was having a hard time staying accountable and I wasn’t able to stay on track. I had a hard time making healthy decisions for me. This program impacted my life by giving me accountability and a community of other women struggling with the same obstacles. I really love the community of women in the group, they keep me going every day. Lesya keeps you accountable and motivates you with her knowledge and abundance of tools that come with the program. Each month we have something new to work on and explore! I have lost about 5 inches so far, I can see the difference in my workouts and overall health. I am getting stronger every day.

~ Katie


Imagine a group of women, with the same goals as you, committed to the transformational journey together. You'll get ongoing support, encouragement, and motivation to keep you going, even on days when you feel like throwing in the towel.

My biggest struggle before joining the program was meal planning and knowing just how many carbs I was eating in a week. Joining the program has definitely impacted my life, alongside the meal plans (which are amazing) and the different workshops I find extremely useful. The camaraderie that the ladies in the community have together, especially during this time of isolation and illness I have found to be a lifeline in keeping me from overthinking and following bad thoughts down the rabbit hole. The ladies in the group are very supportive and it is nice to know sometimes that I am not the only one struggling with life, weight loss, and other stuff. I think the most important thing that I have experienced so far is that once we went on lockdown and I have not been able to go anywhere, I have not gained any weight.

~ Sarah


When you join the program, you will get the accountability that you need to set and stick to your goals through your weight loss journey. 

You'll be able to connect with the other women and get the motivation you need to push through the hard times. 

Before joining, I struggled with putting the foods together to make sure I getting the right macros and I needed something (a meal plan) to follow. Following the food part of the plan helped me lose and get to where I wanted to be. I feel and look better than I ever have and it’s a plan I can follow as a lifestyle, not a diet that I will stop doing. I love the girls that are in the group, the support from peers is great. Not only have I lost weight, (I am at my lowest weight in the last 10 years) I started working out, got my body fat % down into the normal range (not the obese range) and have gone from a size 10 to a 6. I really don’t care about getting smaller per day, I just really like the way I look and feel. 

~ Christine



Before joining, I had no idea where to begin. I had a hard time grasping the food part. I needed guidance and accountability. Since joining, I am more thoughtful about what I put in my body. I feel way better. I sleep better and have more energy. Since joining, I've lost 50 lbs. This program has helped me stay consistent. What I like the most about the program are all the women in the group, we are each other’s cheerleaders good or bad!

~ Nissa

I've lost over 60 lbs since working with Lesya. I feel amazing and Lesya really helped me create a healthy lifestyle that is sustainable for life!

~ Alla

The Holistic Clean Keto Weight Loss Program Gets You Results, Unlike Any Other Program...

Each step inside the program

Contains short videos and exercises created to move you forward in your journey. You'll have everything you need to get through any hurdles or bumps along the way!

To Never Have To Pay For Another Program Ever Again.

The Holistic Clean Keto Weight Loss Program Is Broken Into 4 Core Steps...

...So You Can Create Your Own Personalized Keto Weight Loss Plan that gets YOU the body you've dreamed of. 

Step Zero - The Foundations


Before you even start the course, get into the plans or start your journey, you have to get through the foundations, so you can get clarity on where you are going. 


Inside Step 0, You'll discover...

  • How to discover your "why" for weight loss.
  • How to get leverage for your journey
  • The power of beliefs and how to change your limiting beliefs about yourself and what you can accomplish
  • How to set SMART goals that actually bring results

Step One - Personalize Your Food Plan

In this step, you will discover how to personalize a food plan that fits in with YOUR goals, YOUR body, and YOUR lifestyle.

We cover the science behind nutrition and the exact foods that will help your body burn fat vs. storing fat. 

Inside Module 1, You'll discover...

  • What to eat for long term fat loss
  • The different ways of eating that help your body use its own fat for fuel
  • How to find your personal carb threshold
  • How to read labels, grocery shop, meal prep, calculate your macros and portion out food

Step Two - Remove Your Health Blocks


In this step, you will remove any health blocks that are getting in your way of losing weight. Whether that is irregular hormones, imbalanced gut, stress, or toxins, you will have the tools you'll need to remove these blocks once in for all.

Inside Step 2, You'll discover...


  • How to regulate all the specific hormones that cause weight loss issues
  • How to balance your gut so your body can properly digest and use the food you eat instead of store it as fat and cause inflammation
  • How to manage your stress so you can get out of the survival state that leads to belly fat and a slow metabolism
  • How to improve your sleep so that your body is able to burn fat at night properly

Step Three - Manage Your Mind

In this step, you will uncover all of the ways that your brain keeps you stuck and how to rewire your brain for weight loss so you can stop self-sabotaging patterns and bad habits.

Inside Step 3, You'll discover...


  • How to reprogram your brain for weight loss
  • How to end cravings, emotional eating, overeating, or binging.
  • How to stay on track on the weekends and stop self-sabotaging behaviors 

Step Four - Create Your Lifestyle

The only way weight loss on keto can be sustainable is if your plan fits in with your desired lifestyle. This is what we will create inside this module. 

Inside Step 4, You'll discover... 

  • How to maintain the weight you lose
  • How to eat out, travel, handle holidays or events
  • How to incorporate off-plan days without gaining weight 
  • What is Clean Keto Carb Cycling and how you can use it to create a flexible way of eating

By the end of these steps, you will be able to reach your weight loss or health goals, remove any health blocks, change your habits, and have complete control of food and your life.  

Stop Retarting Keto on Mondays, Start Long-Lasting Transformation with A Holistic Clean Keto Lifestyle.


Meet Your Coach:


Hi! I'm Lesya. I have a Bachelors's in Nutrition & Dietetics and my goal is to help you lose weight, get healthy and live your best life with a Holistic Approach to a Ketogenic Lifestyle.

I've personally lost 110 lbs with a Holistic Clean Keto Lifestyle in between my pregnancies and I know what works for female bodies.

Inside my program you will get access to the exact steps you'll need to take to get to where you are now, to where you want to be, loving your body, and feeling sexy in your own skin. 

As your coach, I will guide you through each step along the way and help you troubleshoot any hurdles that you may face. 

Judy Wright

I have been amazed at all the information that's being provided, and believe me, I've done this before. I even did a Cleveland Clinic 8-week Ketogenics program with their Functional Medicine team last year, and I'm finding your program infinitely more helpful.I especially appreciated the "managing your mind" portion, which is where I really struggled. This is the first time I've ever allowed myself to look ahead to consider this a true lifestyle, while before it was really about a goal weight. I was skeptical at first about how this was going to be different and didn't have high hopes, but this program won me over and I'm going to be sticking around.


This isn't a 30-day program that you have to get through quickly and then are left to your own devices. It's not a "Here is your meal plan and workout plan, now do it" weekly cheerleading session. 

It's a small investment in yourself that pays huge dividends in your future.

One that will pay you back for the rest of your life by transforming you into the confident, sexy woman who is at peace with her body and health.

It's a transformation that frees you from the defeated dieter that keeps you beating yourself up, convinced that you are the problem...and lets you step into a place of control and empowerment in your life.

It's EXACTLY what I used to teach to my $2,000 per month private coaching clients.

And when you weigh all that against the investment and what it will do for you and your future, then it's an easy choice.

So tell me... Are you ready to do this?

Plus, $2,800 in Additional Gifts For You When You Enroll Today!

The 4 main steps of the program will completely transform how you approach your weight loss journey. But that's only the tip of the iceberg.

When you join today, you also get 3 extra special BONUSES to make your keto journey even easier.


Starting with...



Done for you clean low-carb, keto, gluten-free meal plans that your whole family will love. You pick and choose what you want to eat. Never waste food again. 



Weight loss stalls are guaranteed to happen. Whether you're currently in a stall or you hit one, this step-by-step workshop will help you break a stall fast!


Complete Clean Keto Resource Library- $500 Value

Clean Keto Snacks Book, Clean Keto Desserts Book, Clean Keto Pantry List, Food Substitution Guide, Fasting Guide, Keto Swaps and Cheat Sheets, and More! All the resources you need in one place!

Finally! It's Your Turn!

Let's Get Started With Your Transformation


$1,997 $797

One-Time Investment

  •  Step-by-Step Holistic Clean Keto Weight Loss For Women Course- $2,000 Value
  • Live Weekly Coaching & Q&A Meetups- $500 Value 
  • Private Community Support & Accountability Group- $200 Value
  • BONUS: Clean Keto Meal Plans- $2,000 Value
  • BONUS: Clean Keto Resources Library $500 Value
  • BONUS: How To Break A Stall on Keto Workshop $300 Value



The Guarantee

Because I am so confident in the results you will get from the program, I offer you the following guarantee:


100% Satisfaction Guarantee. 

 We know that if you implement what you learn inside the program, you WILL get the results you desire. 

That's why we're making this an easy "YES! with our "DO THE WORK" 30-day guarantee.

This promise removes ALL risks on your end.

If you complete the program lessons, showed up to the live sessions and submitted your starting data and 30-day data points and NOTHING changed for you, email us at [email protected] within 30 days of purchase and we'll promptly refund your program fee.

To be clear, if you do not complete the program lessons, submit your data and show up to the live calls, no refund will be issued.

Course hoppers and looky-loo's, this isn't for you.

This program is for driven, high-achieving women who are ready to transform their health and bodies.

If that's you, let's do this.

How much is it worth to you to increase your energy, stop buying new clothes, finally feel confident in your body, and happy with your life?


What will your life look like if you do nothing?


Where will you be a year from now if you don't make any changes?


Q: How is this program different from hiring a Private Keto Coach or joining a 30-Day program?


A: Most keto coaches will give you macros, tell you how to work out, and then check in with you weekly to make sure that you are hitting those macros and doing the workouts.

That may work for a bit.

But what happens when you hit a stall? What happens when your old diet mentality kicks in? What happens when you get sick and tired of tracking macros?

Not to mention, most keto coaches do not know how keto works for female bodies.

They are teaching outdated keto diet rules that were created by men and studied on men that work ONLY for men.

That way of doing keto does NOT set you up for long-term success. 

Then, once you are done working with them, you are left to figure things out on your own.

With zero support. With no accountability. 

 That's not how this program works.

Inside this program, you'll be given the education and tools to become the empowered experimenter in your journey. You'll learn how to listen to your body to know how it responds to certain foods and the plan you are on. 

Besides that, unlike waiting for a coach to respond to you, you'll have 24/7 access to support in our private community so whenever you have questions or concerns about how to apply the tools inside the program, you'll get the clarity you need. 

If what you are looking for is a "coach" to have all the answers for you and just tell you what to do, you won't enjoy this program, please don't join.

If you are looking to step into a place of power in your journey, to learn how your body works, how to listen to what your body needs...

...then this is EXACTLY the perfect program for you.

Have any other questions you need to be answered before enrolling?


Below is a list of the most common questions I've been asked.


If you don't see your question, just email the head of my Support Team,  ([email protected]) so we can assist you.

Is The Holistic Clean Keto Weight Loss Program right for YOU? 

Maybe you aren't sure if it's going to work for you.
Let's break down who will do well in this program:

This program is NOT for you if:


You aren't willing to make time to take action. If you aren't willing to make time to go through the program, don't join.  This program is not a quick fix and it requires taking action and implementation.  

You're only looking for a quick fix. If you are expecting to lose 10 pounds in one week and think that the scale weight will go down each week in a linear fashion, this is not the right program for you. I teach lifestyle changes that are sustainable and keep the weight off. Losing weight that quickly is never maintainable. 

You give up on things when they don't work right away. The truth is, it will take some time for you to find your groove and experiment with what does work and what doesn't work with your body. If you quit as soon as something doesn't work right away, you might as well save your money and not join. 

You're not ready for a long-term commitment. You probably won't get the results you want in 30 days. Most of our clients understand that losing weight and keeping it off is a long-term commitment. If you are not ready to go all-in on your health and well-being, this is not the right fit for you. 

You are the perfect fit for this program if:


✅ You are committed to doing whatever it takes to succeed.  I will provide you will all the tools you need to succeed with weight loss and your health. If you are a committed woman that is ready to transform, this program was made for you!


✅ You are ready to let go of your obsession with counting calories or tracking macros. If you are tired of feeling like a slave to numbers and want to eat real foods that burn body fat fast and leave you feeling energized and satisfied, you are in the right place. 


You want to belong to a community of like-minded women who are in the same boat. 
You want to surround yourself with a group of supportive women who have lost weight, know the struggles you are facing and are going to motivate and inspire you on your journey. You want to make long-lasting friendships with women all over the country that have the same goals as you. Our private community is the most amazing group of women you'll ever meet! 


✅ You're willing to stop arguing about your limitations. All those "yeah, buts....." that go through your head are nothing but beliefs and stories that are holding you back from reaching your goals. If you want results you have to be willing to stop arguing about all the reasons why you can't do something and instead follow a proven plan that will take you from confused to confident.


A Final Invite From Lesya

 You can certainly try and do this on your own, but remember you don't know what you don't know. It took me decades to figure this out and put it into an easy-to-follow path. 

You have two choices: 

Choice #1: Keep doing what you’re doing, and get the same results you’re getting.  


Choice #2: Take the fastest route to get the results you’ve been looking for.

These are the exact steps that have worked for me and the thousands of clients who have invested in my program. 

The choice is yours.  

There’s nothing I’d love more than to welcome you inside The Holistic Clean Keto Weight Loss Program.

 Let’s do this!