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Hey, this is Lesya!

I appreciate your interest in working with the team and me.

First, this will be DIFFERENT from other “strategy sessions” you may have had online.


  1. You will not be talking to a salesperson. You will be speaking with me.
  2. I will break down exactly what you need to do on this call and bring my experience and expertise in women’s fat loss, hormones & metabolism to your health. You WILL get hundreds of dollars of value on this call…

I will reach out to you via EMAIL if you are one of the applications approved.

If you are not serious about getting help right now, I ask you to please not book a call. 

Finally…if you don't show up for your booked call or respond to my email, you will not get a second chance so please respect my time.

Aside from that, I look forward to talking to you!


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