Are Your Goals Realistic?

podcast Oct 23, 2020
realistic goals

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What happens when we set realistic goals?

  • We don’t achieve them
  • We give up
  • Beat ourselves up
  • Eat all of the things
  • Start over on Monday



Our brains don’t like change. Our brains like our old routines and comfortable habits. It’s a survival instinct. We want to stay safe. Change is not safe. 

So, instead of making huge changes, we need to sneak up on our brain by starting with small habits.


Weight loss is a skill. Many people don’t think of losing weight as a skill but getting health and fit is a skill, just like any other skill. 


The only people that are good at this skill are people who have lost weight, maintained it, educated themselves, studied nutrition and fitness, and applied it to their everyday lives. 


If you have no knowledge about nutrition, health, or fitness, how can you expect to reach your big goals so quickly?

  1. You have two options- invest in help
  2. Trial and error by yourself.


So when it comes to setting realistic goals, what should you do instead? Inside BSB Tribe, when I get new clients, I have them set 90-day goals. We still want to begin with the end in mind.


Then, we start with the lowest hanging fruit. What is the easiest thing you can do to get closer to your goal?


Each week, I tell my clients to tell me 3 small things they will do to get closer to their goals:

Here are some examples:

  • Pack 3 lunches out of 5
  • Take a walk around my building at work during my lunch break
  • Limit snacking to 4 days instead of 7
  • Stop eating after 7 mon-Friday
  • Get up 15 minutes early to get some movement in before work
  • Write down what I’m going to eat for dinners instead of going to the drive-through


Notice, there is nothing about losing 5 lbs or working out for hours each day.


Start with small goals, build momentum and confidence with yourself, and start habit stacking. Once your brain is used to the new small changes, the bigger changes will become easier and less resistant to your brain. 


What are your thoughts?


Dm me on Instagram and let me know what your 3 small changes will be for this week. I want to cheer you on! 

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