How I Lost Keto Rebound Weight-WITH Carbs!

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Have you ever experienced the frustration of keto rebound weight? 

Today, I'm sharing my journey of bouncing back from the rebound and shedding light on how embracing carbs became a game-changer for me.

After gaining 50lbs of keto rebound weight, I’m sharing the steps I took to start moving the weight loss needle, and spoiler alert- it involves carbs!

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In this video, I’m sharing a personal journey that led me to reclaim my health and shed those persistent pounds after experiencing the infamous keto rebound.

You see, I've been there – committed to strict keto, riding the low-carb wave, and witnessing the initial victories. 

But the long-term effects weren't as glamorous.

I started keto in 2015 and lost over 110lbs with the diet in between my pregnancies but after about 5 years, I started gaining weight. 

It came slowly so I didn’t notice it at first but I ended up gaining 50lbs. 

It took me years to start losing the weight I gained and I want to share the steps I took  that finally started moving the needle for me.

Step #1 Gave Up Strict Keto

Now, don't get me wrong; the ketogenic diet has shown its prowess in initiating weight loss, but as time went on, I began to realize it might not be the knight in shining armor for everyone, especially for females navigating their reproductive years.

A study published in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism presented intriguing findings about the impact of prolonged ketogenic diets on women's hormonal balance. 

It cautioned against the potential risks, shedding light on the fact that what works initially might not be a sustainable solution for the long haul.

This part of my journey wasn't just a change in diet; it was a huge shift in mindset and a rollercoaster of emotions. 

I'd lost a whopping 110 pounds through strict keto.

It had become more than just a diet; it was a part of my identity, a testament to my discipline, and the cornerstone of my weight loss success. 

I had started a business around keto, and the pressure to embody the diet's principles became almost suffocating. 

I was stuck in the paradox of my own success, feeling the weight of expectations – from myself and from the community I had built.

The all-or-nothing mindset had become my constant companion. 

Carbs were painted as the villains, the saboteurs of my hard-earned success. 

I couldn't fathom the idea that what once worked miracles for me could now be the source of my struggles. 

It was letting go of something that had defined me, something that had become a safety net, even when that net had turned into a web of restrictions and stress.

The decision to embrace change was a battle against my own beliefs, a rebellion against the dogmas I had unintentionally crafted.

It was the definition of insanity and it needed to end. So I decided to end it.

I’m curious, have you ever experienced rebound weight gain after doing keto? Let me know in the comments. 

Step #2 Titrated Carbs Back Up Slowly

The keyword here is slowly. 

I knew I couldn't go from 'no carbs' to 'all carbs' overnight. 

So, I opted for a strategic approach – titrating carbs back up slowly. 

Now, 'titration' might sound like complex, but in the context of my journey, it was the key to reawakening metabolic flexibility. 

Why did I titrate carbs back slowly?

Well, after five years of strict keto, my body had become a bit 'carb-shy,' to put it mildly. I was, in a sense, glucose intolerant. 

Now, glucose intolerance isn't a badge of honor; it's a signal that your body needs a bit of coaxing to remember how to handle carbs efficiently. 

Imagine it like waking up a dormant muscle – you start with light stretches before attempting heavy lifts. 

In this case, my glucose-intolerant system needed a gentle nudge before it could smoothly process carbohydrates again.

Bringing back carbs too quickly after a prolonged keto stint can have side effects that nobody enjoys – bloating, fatigue, sudden water weight gain, and headaches. 

If you are eager to dive deeper into the world of post-keto carb strategies, I've got a resource for you.

I have created a Carb Cycling Cheat Sheet – your guide to navigating the realms of carb cycling after keto. 

You can grab the link in the description.

Step #3 Focused on Healing Adrenals and Stress Response

The third thing I did (and quite frankly am still doing) is shift my focus from losing weight to healing my adrenals and stress response.

My adrenals were a complete mess due to the chronic stress in my life. 

I started my business as a stay-at-home mom with two very small kids. 

As the business got bigger, the demands got bigger and I didn’t know how to handle the stress. It was suffocating me.

I was a hot mess express and I didn’t even realize how bad it had gotten until the weight piled back on.

In this step of my journey, I recognized the intricate connection between adrenal health, stress, and weight gain.

I began to understand that long-term keto and cortisol were like oil and water—two elements that didn't easily blend, especially when stress was already playing a dominant role. 

Committing to prolonged keto with elevated stress levels felt like adding fuel to an already burning flame, disrupting the delicate dance between hormones and stress.

Navigating this complex interplay required a focus on healing my adrenals and fine-tuning my stress response.

Now, I have to note here that this step takes the longest so don’t expect to heal your adrenals and stress response overnight. 

Be patient with yourself and make small improvements daily. 

If you need personalized support with how to heal your adrenals so you can lose weight, I have an Adrenal & Stress Protocol that works wonders. 

I’d love to talk to you to see how and if it can help you. 

Check out the link in the description to book your call.

Step #4 Prioritized Protein

In this crucial step of my journey, I shifted my focus from the incessant carb-counting dilemma to a macronutrient that often goes unnoticed—protein. 

I recognized that my body needed a consistent and substantial supply of protein to thrive. 

I made a conscious decision to prioritize protein intake by ensuring that I consumed at least my ideal body weight in grams each day. 

By prioritizing protein, I fortified my muscles, ensuring that they remained robust and resilient, even during periods of weight loss.

Instead of fixating on the carb-centric narrative, I shifted my attention to the protein powerhouse.

It became less about the fear of carbs making me gain weight and more about the empowering choice to fuel my body with the essential building blocks it craved.

Step #5 Switched to Walking and Lifting Heaviest Weights Instead of Chronic Cardio

In a world where the incessant hum of the treadmill seemed like the only rhythm, I found myself caught in the cardio trap. 

5 a.m. wake-up calls, a dedicated rendezvous with my Peloton bike, and an unyielding belief that more cardio equated to greater weight loss. 

I'll admit, there was a time when my daily routine resembled a cardio marathon. 

The early morning Peloton sessions were my steadfast companion, yet the results were elusive.

It was as if I were running in circles, trapped in the cardio maze, wondering why the pounds clung tighter.

Little did I know, this relentless pursuit was leading me down a path of frustration and weight gain.

The revelation came like a breath of fresh air, realizing that there's more to fitness than the monotonous rhythm of cardio machines. 

I broke free from the chains of chronic cardio and embraced a smarter approach to exercise—a combination of walking and lifting heavy weights.

Introducing brisk walks into my routine became a game-changer. 

Walking, often overlooked in the realm of intense workouts, emerged as a silent hero, contributing to fat loss without raising my cortisol.

Lifting heavy weights became my new obsession.

It’s not about becoming a bulked-up version of myself; instead, it’s about sculpting a resilient, toned physique and a metabolism that is on fire. 

I hope that the steps I shared today help you on your journey if you’re experiencing the dreaded “post-keto rebound weight gain” yourself.

And don’t forget to download that Carb Cycling Cheat Sheet I mentioned in this video if you want to know how to strategically cycle back carbs after keto without gaining more weight.

I also have an entire series on my YouTube channel about carb cycling. You can check those videos out next.

As always, I’ll see you in the next video!