How to lose weight without exercise or pills

podcast Jul 10, 2020

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In today's episode, I am interviewing Cristy from Code Red Lifestyle about to lose weight without exercise, diet foods, pills, or shakes.

Cristy created a nutrition program where people lose 10% of their body weight each month WITHOUT shakes, pills, diet foods, or exercise. I teach people how to eat real food, drink water, and sleep. Yes, it's THAT simple. I had to learn this the hard way: by being fat myself! But you can learn from my mistakes, skip to the front of the line, and lose your weight FOREVER. We don't have a weight LOSS problem in this country. We have a weight RE-GAIN problem.


Topics covered on the show:

  • Isn't losing weight just about eating less and exercising more?
  • What is a “CODE RED" Lifestyle?
  • Do you need to be in Nutritional Ketosis to get results? 
  • The reason for our obesity problem in the US
  • The top biggest lies when it comes to weight loss 
  • Why it’s so hard to stay away from foods that make us fat?
  • How to avoid all of the junk food that is marketed  to us everywhere
  • Cheat Days, are they ok? 
  • Can you have sugar in moderation?

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