Ep. 63 The Truth About Calories with Ben Azadi

blog podcast Oct 11, 2022
The Truth About Calories with Ben Azadi

In today’s episode, I interview Ben Azadi from Keto Kamp about the Truth About Calories.

Topics covered in today’s show are:

  • Does counting calories REALLY work?
  • Why are we so obsessed with counting calories, even in this day and age
  • Do calories matter when doing keto?
  • If calories aren’t that important, what is?
  • Isn’t fasting the same as cutting calories?
  • What should we be focusing on when it comes to a healthy weight and overall health?

Ben Azadi is a Best Selling Author l National Speaker

Founder of Keto Kamp

He helps people with their health/energy through intermittent fasting & keto

Ben is hosting a Free Keto Challenge soon! Sign up here: :https://kka.mykajabi.com/keto-challenge

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