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Hello! I’m Lesya,  founder of Eat. Be Fit. Explore, BSB Tribe and Host of the Fit Moms Squad Podcast. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Nutrition and Dietetics and have always had a passion for nutrition and health. I've lost over 110 lbs in between pregnancies following a holistic approach to nutrition and now I help busy women do the same.

During my first pregnancy, I gained 50 lbs. I had intense cravings of carbs and sugar during my pregnancy, and even though I was still pretty active, I couldn’t avoid all the weight gain. I have been a long distance runner since I was in my early 20’s and I knew what it took to be healthy, but I made too many bad food choices.

After I gave birth I started “dieting” right away. I cut calories, ate low-fat foods, avoided meat, ran 5 miles a day and was only losing a few pounds here and there. The weight would not come off. 

Then, I discovered Keto. By following a Ketogenic Diet I was able to lose all my baby weight. 

However, just like any other "diet" I slowly slipped back to my old brain habits. I never rewired my brain for weight loss and ended up 60 lbs overweight after the birth of my second child, Zoe. 

I knew I had to go back to Keto postpartum but change my approach. It no longer was just "another diet" to me. It became a lifestyle. I lost all of my baby weight in a matter of 8 months just by changing two things; switching to Clean Keto and Strength Training. 

However, my story doesn't end there. In 2019 I was struck with a host of health issues related to stress. I found out I had high cortisol, thyroid issues and an imbalanced gut due to too much lifestyle stress. 

"I was so focused on food and exercise, I was ignoring some of the most important things when it came to my health; Hormones, Gut Health and Brain Habits. I knew I had to change my entire approach to nutrition and start healing myself in a holistic way. That is what inspired me to create BSB Tribe. I knew I had to help other women struggling with the same things I did."

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