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BSB Tribe is a weight loss program that shows you, step-by-step, how to effectively lose the weight you want by discovering the right plan that fits into your busy lifestyle.

Do any of these sound like you?


  • You start a diet on Monday and self-sabotage by Friday
  • You've tried losing weight on your own before but sticking to any diet feels too restricting 
  • You eat when you're sad, happy, lonely or bored. Emotional eating has always been a struggle for you. 
  • You can't stop eating sugar! You're brain tells you that you needs it after meals to feel complete
  • You lack motivation and consistency and don't have accountability and support
  • You hate the way you look and feel and don't feel sexy or confident in your skin’re in the right place. 


Diets don't work...Lifestyle changes work. BSB Tribe will teach you how to make sustainable lifestyle changes so you can lose the weight you want without gaining it back. 




I have been struggling with my weight for years. I studied nutrition and was taught to just "eat less and move more" but I kept on gaining weight.

I truly believed I was never going to lose my weight. I knew I had to figure out what was going on with me and why I was having such a hard time with weight loss.

I discovered the missing pieces to weight loss (the things the diet industry doesn't want you to know) and lost over 110 lbs between pregnancies. 

"Before joining BSB Tribe, I had no idea where to begin. I had a hard time grasping the food part. I needed guidance and accountability. Since joining BSB, I am more thoughtful about what I put in my body. I feel way better. I sleep better and have more energy. BSB Tribe has helped me stay consistent. What I like the most about BSB Tribe are ALL THE WOMEN in the group, we are each other’s cheerleaders good or bad! I have lost over 21 inches overall, my clothes fit great and I have more energy. I have made some friends from all over the country and I have no regrets joining BSB Tribe. "


Learn how to lose weight and keep it off for life...


  • You felt sexy and confident in your own skin

  • All of your clothes fit perfectly

  • You no longer binge ate, ate away your feelings or self sabotaged

  • You stopped self sabotaging 

  • You knew how to deal with sugar and carb cravings

"My biggest struggle before joining BSB Tribe was meal planning and knowing just how many carbs I was eating in a week. Joining the Tribe has definitely impacted my life, alongside the meal plans (which are amazing) the different workshops I find are extremely useful. The camaraderie that the ladies in the Tribe have together especially during this time of isolation and illness I have found to be a lifeline in keeping me from overthinking and following bad thoughts down the rabbit hole. The ladies in the Tribe are very supportive and it is nice to know sometimes that I am not the only one struggling with life, weight loss, and other stuff. I think the most important thing that I have experienced so far is that once we went on lock-down and I have not been able to go anywhere, I have not gained any weight."



BSB Holistic Weight Loss Course


Phase 1- Healing Your Body

In this phase we focus on healing your body. I teach you how to regulate hormones, balance gut and how to heal from within. 

Phase 2- The 2 F's (Food & Fitness)

In this phase we focus food and fitness. What foods should you be eating? Why or why not? What workouts are best for your body type, goals and fat burning? This phase covers all things food and fitness.

Phase 3- Reprogramming the Brain

In this phase we focus on reprogramming your brain for weight loss. I will teach you how to manage your thoughts, stop binge eating, over eating, stress eating and yo-yo dieting. 

Phase 4- The 2 S's (Stress & Self Care) 

In this phase we focus on stress management and self care. If your too stressed out, your body will hold on to extra weight.

Phase 5- Lifestyle Maintenance 

In this phase we focus on maintaining weight loss for life, dealing with life events, changing our habits and learning how to keep our weight off for life

But that's not all! 

Coaching with Lesya

Live group weight loss coaching calls and Q&A. Get answers to all of your questions. Get coached through your weight loss struggles so you can get to your goals faster. 

Member Only Community and Accountability Support

Support from women like you in our amazing private community. You'll get access to our Private messaging channel where we check in daily, hold each other accountable and motivate each other. 


Inside BSB, we are always adding new resources to help you on your weight loss journey. You'll get pantry guides, cheat sheets, body measurement guides, food journaling training, supplement guides and so much more. 

What will your life look like if you do nothing? Where will you be a year from now if you don't make any changes? 

I'm Ready!

How much is it worth to you to increase your energy, stop buying new clothes, get off medications, finally feel confident in your body and happy with your life?

"Before BSB Tribe I was having a hard time staying accountable and I wasn’t able to stay on track. I had a hard time making healthy decisions for me. BSB impacted my life by giving me accountability and a community of other women struggling with the same obstacles. I really love the community of women in the BSB Tribe, they keep me going every day. Lesya keeps you accountable and motivates you with her knowledge and abundance of tools that come with the BSB Tribe membership. Each month we have something new to work on and explore! I have lost about 5 inches so far, I can see the difference in my workouts and overall health. I am getting stronger every day. "



Over $1,000 worth of sweet bonuses for you! 


A library of easy, clean low carb, keto, gluten free meal plans your whole family will love. You pick and choose what you want to eat. Never waste food again. 


A library of workout plans that are easy to do, easy to modify (even if you have an injury) and can be done from the safety of your own home. 


Stuck in a weight loss stall and get out of it? This BSB Exclusive Workshop walks you through my step-by-step process on how to break a stall. 


Curious about fasting? Don't know how to do it the right way? This Ultimate Fasting Guide will guide you on all things fasting, how to fast, who should fast, the best fasting tools and what breaks a fast.

It's Finally Your Time...

Ready to start your transformation?



  • BSB Holistic Weight Loss Course- $297
  • Group Coaching- $100
  • Private Weight Loss Community- $79
    • Meal Plan Library- $500
    • Workout Plan Library- $300
    • Weight Loss Stall Workshop- $97
    • Complete Fasting Guide- $97

Work 1-on-1 with Lesya (8 spots left)



  • BSB Holistic Weight Loss Course- $297
  • Private 30 min Weekly Coaching Calls- $500
  • Private Weight Loss Community- $79
    • Meal Plan Library- $500
    • Workout Plan Library- $300
    • Weight Loss Stall Workshop- $97
    • Complete Fasting Guide- $97


Not only will becoming a member of BSB Tribe help you shed fat and keep it off, but it will also help you clear your mind, increase your energy and improve your health - so you can live your life with purpose, passion, and intentionality. 



 How much is it costing you to not join?  

Think about all the money you spent on diet programs, shakes, pills, books and gym memberships.

What about all the time you wasted trying to ask Dr. Google about everything and you still aren't getting the weight lose you want. 

How much time do you spend wondering what to eat, when to eat, how much to eat, and is this going to help me lose weight or not?

Do you spend time shaming yourself for overeating and feeling like you'll never figure out how to lose weight and keep it off?

Making the decision to invest in my health has given me my life back. I wake up each day feeling great, with loads of energy and feeling sexy in my body. I no longer struggle with hormone issues, burnout and feeling depressed and tired all the time. I want the same for you!

 I know you think you don’t have the money.  

Listen, I get it.

This program is a serious investment for a serious person because I have a serious offer that will change your life.

You have to ask yourself this one vital question that will determine whether you succeed or fail with your weight loss journey. This one question is this,

“Am I going to be 100% responsible for the success of my health or am I not?”

If you’re going to truly be 100% responsible for your health, the question is no longer can I afford it, it’s now, “HOW do I be 100% responsible and MAKE this happen?”

 Are you willing to do what it takes to make the investment or not?

You have three options. Option one is do nothing. Doing nothing just doesn't leave you with the problem, it makes the problem worse the longer you do nothing. So that's not it.

You can try something else, but why? You know and I know that joining BSB Tribe is the thing to do. And that's option number three-just do it.

Yes, you're going to have to go out of your comfort zone a bit. Where do you think all of the change will come from?


 You might also be thinking that you don’t have the time for this.   

If you are thinking that - then this program IS FOR YOU.

Saying you have no time to join this program is like someone who is sick saying "When I feel better, I'll start living healthier." Life doesn't work that way. It's the action that creates the results, not the waiting.

Joining BSB Tribe will force you to focus on the few, vital things that will make the most difference for you because you don't have the luxury of wasting time.

You know what limits people? It's not time. It's opportunity. Most people will go their entire life having even missed the chance to say "yes" to this.

Not you. Not now. Now is the best time, and whatever time you have is more than enough to get started and get serious success with BSB Tribe. 


 You've tried so many diets and programs in the past, how is this one different?

I get that. You’ve tried lots of diet programs before. Each time, you saw some results, then ended up right back where you started. BSB Tribe is not another "diet program." It's a lifestyle program.

BSB is the ONLY program out there that will teach you about all aspects of losing weight. Not just what to eat or how to workout. Yes, I give you meal plans and workout plans, but that isn't what BSB Tribe is about.

BSB Tribe is about guiding you through the 5 pillars of lifelong weight loss; Healing Your Body, Food & Fitness, Reprogramming Your Brain, Stress & Self Care and Lifestyle Maintenance.

BSB Tribe will be your Health and Wellness digital Bible. You will never need to buy another "diet program" or "diet book" ever again. After working with hundreds of women, I realized that weight loss is not a "one size fits all."

Some women have hormone or gut issues that prevent them from losing weight. Some women simply don't know what foods to eat or what workouts are best for their bodies. Other women struggle with bad brain habits such as stress eating, sugar addictions, binge eating and self sabotage. Many women don't know how to handle stress or take care of themselves.

ALL of this is inside BSB Tribe. BSB is a Holistic Approach to Weight Loss, a lifestyle, not a diet. 

You will get the constant support you need to make this work. I won’t leave you hanging, trying to figure things out on your own. All of your questions will be answered, and I will be there to hold you accountable along the way. 

Sneak Peak...

Check out what it would look like when you join BSB Tribe


"Before joining BSB Tribe, I struggled with putting the foods together to make sure I getting the right macros and I needed something (a meal plan) to follow. Following the food part of the plan helped me lose and get to where I wanted to be. I feel and look better than I ever have and it’s a plan I can follow as a lifestyle, not a diet that I will stop doing. I love the girls that are in the group, the support from peers is great. Not only have I lost weight, (I am at my lowest weight in the last 10 years) I started working out, got my body fat % down into the normal range (not the obese range) but have gone from a size 10 to a 6. I really don’t care about getting smaller per day, I just really like the way I look and feel. "


I am ready to make the change!


Frequently Asked Questions

No. The meal plans are clean keto based, however they are also paleo, whole-30, gluten free and dairy-free. You can adjust the meal plans according to your personal preference. BSB is not a Keto weight loss program, its a Holistic Weight Loss Program. I teach you how to carb cycle during your periods and how to incorporate carbs into your diet if you are trying to heal your adrenals. When you hit your goal weight, I will teach you how to bring back carbs without gaining all of your weight back. 

The BSB Holistic Weight Loss Course is a self-paced course meaning, you go at your own speed. You may want to focus on healing your body longer than the brain section, or you may need to rewatch the videos a few times to really apply all of the teachings. There is no rush. The content isn't going anywhere and once you join BSB, you will see that this is a lifestyle change, not a quick fix. We are in this for life. We have no intentions of gaining our weight back. Take your time. You'll never feel "behind" inside BSB.

This will vary from person to person and depends on your current weight loss goal, your current eating patterns, your hormone levels, and your exercise routines. However, generally speaking, the ladies inside BSB Tribe start losing weight within a couple of weeks!

The BSB Tribe is for women who want to lose weight using a holistic approach. Whether you have BIG weight loss goals, or just want to shed the last 10 pounds of baby weight you can’t seem to get rid of, this program is designed for you. This program is for women who are dealing with hormone issues, gut issues, sugar addictions, carb cravings and autoimmune disease. BSB is for women who struggle with emotional eating, binge eating and self sabotage. 

Yes! I do not offer refunds since you will have access to download the monthly meal plan and workout plan. However, you can cancel at any time prior to your next billing cycle.

No. I will recommend EVERYTHING I use, but supplements are not required. I believe in REAL food and its power to heal and nourish our bodies. So, while I am an open book about everything I use, there are no required supplements to be a part of the membership. 

No. The workouts are designed to be done at home or at the gym. So, if you have a gym membership, you would take your workouts to the gym with you. If not, you can do everything at home with a couple of sets of dumbbells.


About the Coach

Lesya is a Nutritionist and Momma of 2 who lost over 110 lbs between pregnancies following a Ketogenic Diet. Now she helps busy women lose weight, get fit and bring their sexy back using her proven BSB Method. 

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