Fit Moms Squad

Fit Moms Squad

Hosted by: Lesya Holzapfel- BSND

How do I lose weight and keep it off? Why isn't anything I'm doing working? How do I stay consistent? How can I stop self-sabotaging? What are the best exercises for moms?Welcome to the Fit Moms Squad Podcast where...

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034- How to Avoid Holiday Weight Gain

Episode #34

Get 20% off of Lakanto Products for all of your holiday baking needs. Use code "eatbefitexplore" at checkout: to reach your weight loss goals? Book a free coaching session...
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033-Are Your Goals Realistic?

Episode #33

The Best Way to Lose Fat: Free Training: a Free Coaching call to work with me: happens when we set realistic goals?We don’t achieve...
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032- How to Get Your Kids to Eat Healthy

Episode #32

Free Masterclass: The Best Way to Lose Fat: today's episode, I interview Ali Miller RD about how to get your kids to eat healthily. Ali Miller, RD, LD, CDE is a Registered Dietitian...
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BEST OF: Making Weight Loss Sustainable

Doors to BSB Tribe are currently open! If you want to finally lose the weight you want without gaining it back with a holistic approach to nutrition that fits in with your lifestyle, join today.Enrollment closes...
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031-Gaining Weight on Keto

Episode #31

Free Live Masterclass "The Best Way to Lose Fat." Save your spot here: you gaining weight on keto? You can gain weight on keto and if you are just starting out, you'll want to make...
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030- The Biggest Weight Loss Mistake

Episode #30

Free Masterclass "The Best Way to Lose Fat." Save your spot here: it comes to weight loss, there is one major mistake I see women make that prevents them from reaching their...
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029- My vegetarian Keto experiment

Episode #29

Free Masterclass "The Best Way to Lose Fat", save your spot here: today's episode, I talk about why I decided to try vegetarian keto and what happened.After discovering that I had...
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028-Why do I self-sabotage my diet?

Episode #28

SIGN UP FOR THE STOP-SELF SABOTAGE WORKSHOP. Use code "EMAIL" at checkout for a discount: is self-sabotage? Why do we do it? So many of us self-sabotage without even...
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027- Macros and Cheat Day the Right Way

Episode #27

Hit a Weight Loss Stall? Take the quiz to find out why and how to break it: my free weight loss course here: this episode, I interview Jeanine...
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026- Quitting is Self-Sabotage

Episode #26

Not losing weight? Take the Free Quiz to find out why and what to do about it: Weight Loss Course: you quitting too soon? I see so many women...
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025- How to have freedom from sugar

Episode #25

Watch my free weight loss course here: a weight-loss stall? Take this quiz to find out why: today's episode, I interview Dani about how to get...
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024- How to get the last ten pounds off

Episode #24

Hit a stall? Take the quiz to find out why: up for my free weight loss course here: today's episode, I share the one habit that will help you...
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