Clean Keto & Strength Training are the MOST effective ways to burn fat quickly...

Take the guesswork out of meal planning and looking for workouts that burn fat.

Save time and money with these Clean Keto Meal Plans and Workout Plans you  can access anytime! 

Hi Friend! 

Hi. I'm Lesya. I lost 60 lbs in 8 months by implementing Clean Keto and Strength Training and now I help busy women do the same. 


Keto isn’t just a diet. 

It’s not a trend that will be here today and gone tomorrow. 

It’s a lifestyle. 

It’s one piece of your health and fitness puzzle... and it’s the most effective way to lose weight.

But...I’m guessing you’re here because “done right” is tripping you up.

You probably fit into one {or more} of these categories...

  • You’ve tried keto on your own before. You saw some results but couldn’t stick with it. 

  • You’ve wanted to try keto before, but you are so overwhelmed with all the information out there. It all feels so unrealistic. 

  • You understand the basics of keto, but don’t have the time to figure out how to make this lifestyle work for you. 

  • You are SO TIRED of feeling like crap, struggling to lose weight, and jumping from diet to diet. 

  • You are at the end of your rope, willing to try anything, but scared that NOTHING will work for you.’re in the right place. 


The BSB Tribe LITE is here to help make keto simple, doable, and maintainable...even for busy women on a budget. 



If you want to make eating a low carb diet sustainable lifestyle without feeling deprived or having an "all or nothing mentality" BSB Tribe Lite is for you. 

Take a look inside!

Done for you meal plans with menus, macros and recipes... 

Family friendly, easy clean keto recipes that will help you burn fat, stay in ketosis and save you time and money. 

Workout plans designed to turn your body into a fat burning machine... 

Easy workouts that can be done from home or at the gym that can be modified if you have injuries and require little to none equipment. 

Meal Plans

A monthly clean keto, dairy-free meal plan that includes shopping lists, macros, and recipes.

Work Out Plans

A monthly workout plan that can be done at home or in the gym.

Training Videos and PDF's

Video trainings to help you get the best results with your weight loss journey. Printable PDF guides and resources. 

You might be thinking that you don’t have the time for this. 

If you are thinking that - then this program IS FOR YOU. You do have the time for this because the BSB Tribe LITE is going to make your life 100000% easier. No more figuring out what to cook for dinner. No more searching the web for recipes, piecing together a meal plan. You will literally have EVERYTHING You need to make this work for you in a fraction of the time it would take you to figure things out on your own. 


Maybe you’re scared this won’t work for you

I get that. You’ve tried lots of diets before. Maybe you’ve even tried keto before. Each time, you saw some results, then ended up right back where you started. I think there are a few reasons why that happened. First, you didn’t have a plan that was sustainable and flexible. That’s why I created this community. As a nutritionist - I know the science behind keto. As a mom - I understand #momlife and how busy and out of control, it can feel. This program is designed to give you everything you need, and then support you along the way of implementation. 

"I had tried Keto for about a year before starting coaching with Lesya. I saw some progress with my weight but I wasn't seeing the dramatic weight loss you see all over Pinterest and the internet. Little did I know, I was making every mistake you could possibly make when doing Keto. When I started with Lesya I was 230lbs. and in 3 months I was down to 199 lbs. and had lost a total of 7 inches from all over my body. My BMI went from 32.9 to 28.7 during that time as well. "


"I have been trying to lose my weight for a long time. After several failed diets, I came to know about the keto diet and started it..but it was very hard. I had cravings to eat sweets and carbs; my self control is my main problem. Then, I happened to find Lesya's blog and recipes and it was the turning point. I read a lot of her posts and got motivated by her words, it's like talking to my best friend. I started Clean Keto and lost 6kg (13lbs) in one month! Her encouraging words gave me control to remain on keto and I'm very thankful for that. "


Your Investment

You could drop hundreds of dollars on a nutritionist and personal trainer every month.


You could get EVERYTHING you need to build a truly healthy lifestyle so you feel as good as you look, for less than a dollar per day! 

Get Started Today!







"I've been on Keto for about 8 months and love the changes I saw but did not seem to have the same luck with the weight loss as other people. I did not give up as I "felt" so much better even though I did not drop a ton of weight. Then I came across Lesya's Clean Keto Reset. I used the shopping list and followed the plan and in a month I lost a solid 10lbs, not the up and down water weight. It was super easy to incorporate into my family, most of the time they didn't even know it was Keto! I have continued on with the plan, picking meals from the meal plan and her other recipes and continue to lose! Not bad for this 50-year old mother of 4! "


I am ready lose my weight for good!



I’ve got some SWEET bonuses!



Keto Cheat Sheet and Low Carb Swaps

This cheat sheet is a GAME changer. It gives you some simple ways to swab out your favorite carby treats with options that are JUST as delicious.



Food Substitution List

This magic list will help you turn any recipe or meal into a keto meal!



Clean Keto Pantry List

This list will help you stock your pantry with everything you need to make living a keto lifestyle EASY as pie (the keto-friendly kind obvi)


I am ready to make the change!


Frequently Asked Questions

BSB Lite is created for people who want to eliminate refined carbs and sugar from their diet. Yes, the meal plans are "keto" but they are also "low-carb", "paleo", "gluten free" and "dairy-free". As long as it's ok for you to eat protein, veggies and good quality fats, you can still do this program. If you can't eat any fat, protein or veggies then yes, this is not a program for you. BSB Lite is not based on the standard Ketogenic diet which is high in fat and lacks focus on clean, whole foods. My approach to keto is safe for most people. 

BSB Tribe Lite is for those who need meal plans & workout plans without much support or personal coaching. BSB Tribe Lite is more budget friendly and you can always upgrade to VIP status later. If you would like more support, accountability, community connection, monthly coaching from me and training courses that help you regulate hormones, balance gut, change brain habits and help you maintain your weight loss, you can upgrade to BSB Tribe VIP at any time for just $22 more. Click HERE to learn more about become a BSB Tribe VIP member. 

Inside BSB Tribe LITE, you will get

  • Monthly Clean Keto Meal Plans
  • Monthly Workout Plans
  • Video Course on Food Journaling
  • Bonus PDF's
    • Weight loss motivation guide
    • Keto cheat sheets
    • Clean keto pantry list
    • Food substitution list
    • Body measurement guide
    • Weight loss tracker 

I am a busy mom and most of our clients are busy moms so we make the recipes as simple as possible with minimal ingredients. We are always improving our recipes and making them more convenient for you. 

No way! You can cancel at anytime. Just contact and we will get you taken care of. 

Nope! The workouts are created to be done at home or gym. You can use your body weight or add in some dumbbells for extra weight!

Yes! You can download the Kajabi app (it's free) and login to your account and all of the content will be there.This makes it really easy to go grocery shopping and to do your workouts from anywhere. 

About the Coach

Lesya is a Nutritionist and Momma of 2 who lost over 110 lbs between pregnancies following a Ketogenic Diet. Now she helps busy women lose weight, get fit and bring their sexy back using her proven BSB Method. 


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