What is Clean Keto Carb Cycling?

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better than keto? what is clean keto carb cycling


Are you doing keto but miss carbs and want to discover a way to have your carbs and eat them too without gaining weight and burning even more fat?

In this video, I’m going to introduce you to a breakthrough way of eating called Clean Keto Carb Cycling. 

Hello, my name is Lesya Holzapfel. I’m a nutritionist who helps professional women shed fat with a Holistic Clean Keto & Carb Cycling Lifestyle.

This video is the first in a series about Carb Cycling, specifically Clean Keto Carb Cycling.

I’ve been using this breakthrough way of eating with my clients for over a year now and the results are nothing short of amazing so I’m excited to share this with you.

So, What is Clean Keto Carb Cycling? 

It is what it sounds like. It's combining the clean keto way of eating with carb cycling. 

If you don’t know what clean keto is; clean keto is where you eat whole real foods, minimize dairy, and avoid processed food and all the Keto junk foods that are in the stores these days.

I started keto in 2015 and after a few years of trial and error, I realized that the best way to not only lose weight but also to improve health on keto was to approach it in a Holistic Clean way.

Clean keto eating focuses on whole real foods, getting into ketosis, and training your body to switch to using fat for energy instead of glucose.

Carb cycling is where you cycle carbs, so you have to alternate between high-carb days and low-carb days or moderate-carb days... there are so many ways to do it.

You can cycle carbs daily, weekly, monthly, or seasonally based on what your goals are. 

In my carb cycling coaching program, I teach women ten different ways to cycle carbs, so you have many options for cycling carbs. 

Clean Keto Carb Cycling is the combination of doing both.

We're taking the power of clean keto, the ability to burn fat as fuel, to have mental clarity, and decrease appetite, all the things that keto provides, but now we're combining it with carb cycling for other reasons. 

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Now, at this point, you might be wondering, what is the difference between regular Carb Cycling and Clean Keto Carb Cycling?

If you Googled carb cycling, you will find a lot of videos and information about carb cycling as it relates to the bodybuilder community and professional athletes. 

When I was researching carb cycling when I started this experiment on myself, all the videos that I found on YouTube are from bodybuilders, telling me to eat up to 300-400 grams of carbs a day on my high-carb day.

I almost had a heart attack because if you know anything about how fat loss works, you know how this can be problematic really fast.

This type of carb cycling, where you ramp up your carbs super high is going to cause your insulin to spike.

We know Insulin is the fat-storage hormone. 

The more insulin we have floating around in our blood, the more fat we will store, so what do you think is going to happen when you go from eating keto to carb cycling with up to 400 grams of carbs a day?

 You're gonna blow up like a balloon!

You're going to have a food baby and you're going to feel that carb hangover and you want to avoid that.

We have to be really strategic in the way that we carb cycle.

If you're an athlete or a bodybuilder listening to this, then you might get away with more carbs, if you're competing or you're training for a marathon.

The women I work with aren’t professional bodybuilders. 

They are busy, high-achieving moms who are juggling their careers with home life. 

They are building businesses while raising kids. 

They don’t have time to spend 5 hours a day in the gym, so their bodies don’t need the 300-400 grams of carbs that regular carb cycling gurus recommend.

This is why CKCC is so different from traditional carb cycling because we still want to look at the bigger picture of how our body works and how our metabolism works.

You also need to know that food quality is important because, with traditional carb cycling, you can pretty much eat any foods you desire, as long as it “fits your macros.” 

This is where CKCC is different because we're still going to be very mindful about the number of carbs that we eat, insulin levels, and blood sugar. 

You've probably heard this term; I absolutely hate it because it's the worst way to approach weight loss and long-term health. 

We still want to be mindful of our delicate female hormones.

With traditional carb cycling, you have a number to hit and it doesn't matter if you're eating Twinkies and chips, as long as you hit that number.

That's different from how Clean Keto Carb Cycling works. 

Blood sugar still matters, insulin still matters, and food quality still matters if you consider this new way of eating.

Speaking of which, I have a resource for you if you are ready to dive deeper into this breakthrough way of eating for women.

I created a guide that shows you how to Cycle Carbs with Keto for Faster Fat Loss. You can download it right now to get started. I’ll leave the link in the description.

So now that you know exactly what Clean Keto Carb Cycling is, you might be wondering why the heck you would cycle carbs on keto. In the next video, I’m going to share 5 Reasons You Should Cycle Carbs on Keto as a Female so make sure you go watch that next!

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