What is Clean Keto Carb Cycling?

podcast Jun 16, 2021
what is clean keto carb cycling

 In today's episode of the Fit Moms Squad Podcast, I introduce you to a new way of eating that I created that is called Clean Keto Carb Cycling.

You can join the waitlist for my brand new program, The CKCC Blueprint here: https://bsbtribe.mykajabi.com/ckcc


Hello mama friend. Today I want to talk about “What is clean keto carb cycling?”


If you've been following me on Instagram, you've seen my posts about carb cycling, how I started keto carb cycling, and maybe you've seen my food, and me sharing my journey. 


This is something that I've been doing for about six months now, and I wanted to share more about it on the podcast so this is going to be a series.


This is the first episode of this series all about clean keto carb cycling so in this episode I'm only going to be talking about what it is, how it's different from regular carb cycling, and what it's not.


I did also start a brand new website dedicated to Clean Keto Carb Cycling. If you want to go check that out, head on over to cleanketocarbcycling.com.


What is clean keto carb cycling? 


It is what it sounds like. It's combining the clean keto way of eating with carb cycling. 


If you know what clean keto is; clean keto is where you eat whole real foods so you minimize dairy, you minimize processed food, you minimize all the Keto junk foods.


 You focus on eating whole real foods, getting into ketosis, burning fat for fuel, all the things.


Carb cycling is where you cycle carbs, so you have the alternation between high carb days and low carb days or moderate carb days, there are so many ways to do it. 


Clean keto carb cycling is the combination of doing both.


We're taking the power of clean keto, the ability to burn fat as fuel, to have mental clarity, and decrease appetite, all the things that keto provides, but now we're combining it with carb cycling for other reasons. 


Why did I start doing this?


I started doing this for many reasons, mainly because I was no longer getting the results that I wanted with a strict ketogenic diet, and also because of hormonal reasons. 


I'm going to have another episode dedicated to all of the reasons that you might consider Clean Keto Carb Cycling, but I will tell you that this is just something that I've started experimenting with, and I've been seeing great results.


 The sustainability of this way of eating, and having it more of a lifestyle that I can stick to, rather than being strict keto and eliminating so many foods for the rest of my life. 


With  Carb Cycling, if you were to go right now, and Google carb cycling, you would find a lot of videos and information about carb cycling as it relates to the bodybuilder community and professional athletes. 


 This is where CKCC is different because we're still going to be very mindful about the number of carbs that we eat, and insulin levels, and blood sugar. 


You rotate between clean keto days and higher clean carb days throughout the week so there's a difference there. The point of this is to increase and decrease carbs so that your metabolism never has the chance to adopt because we're always switching things up. 


Something that you'll find when you do keto long-term or any diet long-term, is that your body adapts. 


This is homeostasis, at its best.  Our body wants to maintain a level of homeostasis. 


 When we go on a diet or do something differently at first we see a lot of changes, but then our body gets used to what we're doing and it's like, okay, I guess this is just her new way of eating now. So let's adjust her basal metabolic rate, which is the number of calories you burn just doing nothing.


Let's adjust how we're burning that and lower her metabolism, and then your weight loss stalls.


I experienced this myself. A lot of my clients inside BSB Tribe experienced this and clean keto carb cycling is a great way to break this stall, and it prevents stalls from happening in the first place because we're always changing things up and your metabolism never gets a chance to get used to only one way of eating.



Why would you want to alternate between clean keto days and clean carb cycling days?


Minus the whole thing with weight loss stalls and adaptation, the clean keto days are going to be the days where your body's going to burn more fat and maintain all the benefits that we know and love with nutritional ketosis, the mental clarity, reduced appetite, reduced inflammation and all those that I mentioned earlier.


The clean carb days are going to provide our bodies with enough energy for training and physical activities, and it's going to put our body in that anabolic state, which is going to fuel our metabolism and allow for muscle growth. 


So this is really great, especially for those of you mamas that are listening that want to start building muscle. Maybe you've reached your weight loss goal and now you're like, okay now I want to look fit. 


This is where clean keto carb cycling can be a great way of eating for you.


 Again, this is completely different from regular carb cycling.


 I was researching carb cycling when I started this experiment on myself and all the videos that I found on YouTube are from bodybuilders, telling me to eat up to 400 grams of carbs a day on my high carb day.


 I almost had a heart attack because if you know anything about how fat loss works, you know how this can be problematic really fast.


 This type of carb cycling, where you ramp up your carbs super high is going to cause your insulin to spike.


We know Insulin is the fat-storage hormone. 


 The more insulin we have floating around in our blood, the more fat we will store, so what do you think is going to happen when you go from eating keto to carb cycling with up to 400 grams of carbs a day?



You're gonna blow up like a balloon!


You're gonna have a food baby and you're gonna feel that carb hangover and you want to avoid that.


We have to be really strategic in the way that we carb cycle.


If you're an athlete or a bodybuilder listening to this, then you might get away with more carbs, if you're competing or you're training for a marathon.


However, if you're the average mama that's too busy running around after your kiddos to worry about training for a marathon, then you do not need that many carbs on your high-carb day.


 This is why CKCC is so different from traditional carb cycling because we still want to look at the bigger picture of how our body works and how our metabolism works.


 We also want to know that food quality is important because, with traditional carb cycling, you can pretty much consume any foods you desire, as long as it “fits your macros.” 

You've probably heard this term; I absolutely hate it because it's the worst way to approach weight loss and long-term health. 


We still want to be mindful. With traditional carb cycling, you have a number and it doesn't matter if you're eating Twinkies and chips, as long as you hit your number.


That's not how Clean Keto Carb Cycling works. 


Blood sugar still matters, insulin still matters, and food quality still matters if you're going to consider this new way of eating.



 What is Clean Keto Carb Cycling NOT?


Let’s talk about what clean keto carb cycling is not because I know a lot of you are probably listening to this and you heard the word carb cycling, and you hear nothing else.


You are like “Oh my God, I can have carbs again?”  “Yes, Sign me up.”


I want to tell you, clean keto carb cycling is not an excuse to start eating Twinkies and Cheetos. 


It's still not an excuse for you to eat ultra-processed, refined, junk foods.


 Those are never good for our bodies. 


Those foods are never going to be acceptable no matter what way of eating you choose. 


You're not going to get the desired results that you want if you start carb cycling and eating all that crap food.


Now mind you, an advanced way of doing it is that you can start having incorporated those cheat days. There is a strategic way to do this, and I'll talk about that in future episodes. 


However, this is not going to be a daily occurrence where you don't care about your food quality and you just have a certain carb number to meet. 


The other thing clean keto carb cycling is not is a diet. 


You know how much I hate that word, and you know that I do not agree with any diets.


I teach ways of eating, if you're inside my program, BSB tribe, you know this because I help you figure out the perfect way of eating for you.


 I do not like to use the word diet because the diet is associated with something that is temporary or something that has rules that you have to follow. 


CKCC is a way of eating that is flexible, it's enjoyable, and it's sustainable if you do it the right way. 


It's a little confusing at first and requires adaptation that you have to go through and some learning but once you learn the basics of it, it's going to be like second nature and it's going to be really easy for you to stick to. 


Think of it as just a new way for you to make a Keto lifestyle more sustainable. 


This is going to be perfect for you if you are not wanting to do keto forever or If you want to have a better experience around your periods, or help with your hormones.


 There are so many benefits that I'll get into in the next episode where I'm going to talk about why you would consider carb cycling and some of the main reasons that I think that it's a great way of eating for women.


 CKCC is not for women that have just started keto and I'll talk about this in future episodes, but I want to say here, clean keto carb cycling is an advanced technique and is not for women that just started keto so if you're listening to this, and you are not fat-adapted, clean keto carb cycling is not for you.


 You're not going to get the results that you want.


You have to become fat-adapted first, and that's one of the prerequisites for this way of eating and this entire system.


I started this six months ago and I've been getting a lot of messages just on all my platforms of women asking me more about this and being curious about how to do this. 


I started that new blog. I also opened up a waitlist, to see if you all are interested in a program where I can teach you this entire system. 


What I'm doing now is collecting interests, and if I get enough women that are interested in this type of program, I will go ahead and create it. 


If you think that this is something that sounds interesting to you, I want you to get on the waitlist, because I'm only taking 30 founding members into this new program. 


This is just an idea. I have a rough outline in my mind of what I would teach.

It would be an eight-week program,  a one-time investment, and you would go through the eight weeks and I would teach you exactly how to use Clean Keto Carb Cycling to get the results that you want.


In order to start building out this program, I need to know that there are actually women out there that are serious about learning this and want to know how to do this, and are willing to commit to it. 


If that's you and you're listening right now, I want you to head to cleanketocarbcycling.com. I want you to join the waitlist. Do not join the waitlist if you're not ready to invest.


It is going to be majorly discounted for the founding members, and we're going to build it together.

I'm only taking 30 women in the founding program, and we're going to go through it together. 


And I'm going to teach you this complete system. If you're interested in that make sure you join the waitlist. 


Come back next time, I'm going to be talking about what the benefits are to clean keto carb cycling, and you will know better if it's something that will work for you or if it won't.