Two Things You Must Have to Lose Weight

podcast Oct 13, 2021
two things to lose weight

Ever wonder how some women decide to lose weight, go on a plan, get results and keep the weight off while others keep yo-yo dieting?


What do the successful women know that the yo-yo dieters don’t?


Well, it’s not that they “know” something different, it’s that their plans are different.


The successful women choose a plan that has The Two Things You Must Have to Lose Weight; Strategy and Mindset.


See, most programs or plans only focus on one of these elements.


Things such a macro counting, weight watchers, Beachbody, and meal plans only focus on the strategy.


The strategy covers what to eat, fitness, hormones, sleep, etc and while all of those are very important, they don’t actually teach you how to stay consistent with DOING all of these things.


Mindset on the other hand programs such as NLP, Intuitive eating, Hypnosis, Therapy, and Counseling.

These focus on how your brain works, emotional eating, habits, and behaviors.


These are critical but unless you know about HOW to eat, these won’t work by themselves.


You need both strategy and mindset if you want to be successful with weight loss.


The strategy will teach you what to do, the mindset will teach you how to “stick with it.”


I dive deep into this and explain it further in this podcast episode.

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In today's episode, I talk about the Two Things You Must Have to Lose Weight; Strategy and Mindset.

When looking for a weight loss program or plan you MUST have these two things and I cover why in this episode. 

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