Why do I self-sabotage my diet?

podcast Aug 13, 2020


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What is self-sabotage? Why do we do it? So many of us self-sabotage without even knowing it because our habits have become autopilot behaviors.

Self-sabotage are the actions and thoughts that go against our goals. No matter how big or small those actions are, they keep us stuck and prevent us from reaching our goals. 

Some examples are:

  • Eating like an ahole because it’s the weekend
  • Eating the whole house after you make one mistake
  • Not meal planning knowing you are most likely going to eat junk food instead
  • Eating things that aren’t on your plan when you lost weight
  • Giving up and binging when you gained weight 

It's important to understand how the brain works and why we self-sabotage in the first place. The survival of humans depends on maximizing rewards. However, our brains don’t know the difference between rewards from self-sabotage or rewards from reaching our goals..it just wants the dopamine rush.

In order to stop self-sabotaging, we must reprogram our brain habits and associate weight loss with pleasure and self-sabotaging behaviors with pain.

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