Secrets to Weight Loss Part 3

podcast Feb 20, 2020

 In today's episode, we talk about the third secret to weight loss; reprogramming bad brain habits. What are some bad brain habits that may be holding you back from reaching your weight loss goals?

  1. Do you ever binge eat?
  2. Do you stress or emotional eating?
  3. Do you fall off the wagon on weekends?
  4. Do you have sugar cravings and urges?
  5. Do you always want something sweet after dinner?
  6. Does sitting down to watch tv automatically make you want to snack?
  7. Do you have an “all or nothing mentality”
  8. Do you restart your diet on Mondays?
  9. Are you good the whole day but then evening comes and you “lack willpower?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, you have bad brain habits that you need to reprogram.

These habits are learned and when we keep repeating them, our brain stores them as habits to make our lives easier. 


The primal brain or reptilian brain is the oldest part and it’s in charge of conserving our energy, keeping us alive and turning on the flight or fight response. It doesn’t know any better so when we repeat certain behaviors, it stores it as a habit to make our lives easier


The other part of our brain is the prefrontal cortex which is the “thinking” and analytical brain. This is the part that makes us different from animals and gives us control over our behaviors and actions 

Inside BSB Tribe, I teach my clients how to reprogram their brains by what I call my 3 R’s method. 


  1. Recognize- awareness, discovering your own brain habits 
  2. Rile - rile your brain up by catching yourself in these habits and not following through the habits 
  3. Reprogram- reprogram your brain by replacing the bad habits with good habits


Brain habits are the reason we gain our weight back. Plain and simple. We know what we should be eating, we know how to work out, you now know about hormones and gut health so you have all the tools- especially inside the tribe but if you don’t get your brain habits reprogrammed, it will all be a temporary fix.

In this episode, I teach you how to start implementing the first step "recognize". Make sure to join BSB Tribe to get access to the complete "Brain Habits" course. See you inside! 


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