Quitting is Self-Sabotage

podcast Jul 29, 2020

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Are you quitting too soon? I see so many women start their weight loss journey and give up too soon because they don't see the results they want within a month. Quitting is a form of self-sabotage because you aren't giving your brain a chance to rewire old habits. The mistake I see many women make is they put a time frame on their weight loss goals and set up unrealistic expectations on themselves. When they don't reach those expectations within a month, they quit.

In this replay of a Facebook Live I did, I talk about the 3 phases your brain goes through when you are trying to change your lifestyle and how you have to stick to something for at least 90 days to see the change and determine whether your plan is working for you or not. Contrary to popular belief, it takes 66 days to build or change habits (not 21 or 30) so if you aren't giving yourself enough time, you may be quitting right before changes happen.

How can you change your mindset to keep going even if you don't see instant results? How can you approach your weight loss journey as a lifestyle, rather than a "diet" that has an end date? The truth is, there is no finish line when it comes to health and fitness. You will always be on this journey. You will have ebb and flows and struggles that may sidetrack you, but as long as you stay committed and develop good habits, you will reach your goals regardless of your life circumstances.

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