The best meal planning tips for busy moms

podcast Jun 25, 2020

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In today's show, I interview Kellie from Kellie's Kitchen on all things meal planning

If you are a busy mom who wants to make meal prepping easy or you are overwhelmed with how to meal prep, tune into this show as we talk about tips and tricks on making meal prepping easy and doable even if you have a busy schedule.

Topics covered on this show:

  • How to make keto work for you and your family 
  • How to make time to meal prep
  • How to deal with picky eaters 
  • How to plan your week according to your schedule 
  • Kellie's meal planning routine

Kellie Logsdon is the founder and creator of, an online food blog specializing in low carb cooking and a ketogenic lifestyle. Kellie develops and shares recipes and her expertise for Low Carb Cooking and Ketogenic Lifestyle through her own journey to health.  


After years of her own stomach issues, yo-yo dieting and ill overall health Kellie went on to earn a Certification in Holistic Health and Nutrition.  With trial and error, lots of cooking and intense research Kellie came upon the diet that changed her life forever - The Ketogenic and Intermittent Fasting Lifestyle Diet.  Kellie finally figured out that weight loss and overall health are best managed with real food and less medicine.


Kellie shares her recipes and simple strategies on her blog for overall health (that no one was talking about when she was growing up) that are found in the kinds of foods we eat AND when we eat them. 

Kellie learned and perfected Low Carb lifestyle techniques and recipes using whole foods and clean products that brought her to her best health. 


Kellie is on a tireless journey to create and share amazing Low Carb and Keto-friendly foods and tips with you using real food in a real kitchen. is a place where you will learn to eat real foods that can help you feel better, lose weight, clear your brain and give you more energy. 

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