A year without sugar

podcast Mar 12, 2020



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In today’s episode, I talk about why I decided to give up sugar for the entire year and how I am doing that.

Notwithstanding the obvious reasons why sugar is bad, I want to talk about my personal reasons and what inspired me to take action and become committed to this decision. 

If you have been listening to this show, you probably know my story about how last year, I gained 20 lbs while on keto and found out from doing many tests that I had elevated cortisol, thyroid issues, and an imbalanced gut.

For example; Let’s take cortisol. Anytime I would eat sugar, it would trigger my cortisol. My cortisol level was already extremely high, so it was making it worse.

Thyroid: When we eat sugar, our insulin spikes and high insulin is harmful to the thyroid gland, so that’s enough reason right there to eliminate sugar if you are trying to heal your thyroid

Gut: Anytime I would consume sugar, I was feeding the bad bacteria and the yeast inside my gut. Since my test showed that I had too much bad bacteria and some yeast overgrowth in my gut, eating sure was like adding lighter fluid to the flame. Not to mention sugar can cause leaky gut which when your gut lining gets tiny holes in it and food particles literally leak out into your bloodstreams.

Tune in for action steps to eliminate and reduce your sugar intake. 

It is possible to go sugar-free and here are some more reasons to inspire you to pursue this goal: 

  1. Too much sugar can lead to fatty liver
  2. Sugar can cause insulin resistance which can lead to diabetes and heart disease
  3. Sugar causes inflammation
  4. Sugar feeds cancer
  5. Sugar raises your cholesterol 
  6. Sugar is absolutely pointless to your body and contains no nutrients... Its a waste
  7. Sugar keeps you addicted and a slave to a substance- we should not be dependent on a foreign substance like that  


Alright mama, what do you think? Are you up for the challenge? Come say Hi on Instagram and let me know if you are going to try reducing or eliminating your sugar intake. I promise it will change your life. 

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