Secrets to Weight Loss Part 4

podcast Feb 27, 2020



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In today's episode, I talk about the fourth secret to losing the weight you want without gaining it back; eating Clean, Real Food or Clean Keto. 

You can call this Clean Keto, Whole 30, low carb or paleo, it doesn’t matter. I don’t want to use diet labels because they are irrelevant, what is important is the food you are putting inside your body.

One of two things happens every time you eat;

  1. You’re healing your body
  2. You’re feeding disease (sooner or later, it will creep up)

The reason why I teach my clients to eat clean keto is that it’s the best approach when it comes to supporting all of the other secrets I have talked about.

  • Eating Clean Keto supports your hormones, especially insulin. It helps cortisol and thyroid as well. Eating Clean Keto is a great way to regulate and balance your gut
  • Eating Clean keto helps you get rid of sugar and carb cravings so it’s easier for you to reprogram those brain habits...

Here is what eating “Clean Keto" is:

  • Eating whole, real foods 
  • Choosing organic, grass-fed, free-range, non-GMO foods 
  • Avoiding Dairy
  • Eliminating sweeteners
  • No Processed foods
  • No artificial ingredients
  • Avoiding nuts or eating them in very small amounts
  • Avoiding alcohol

Essentially, the point of Clean Keto is to eat real food and quite frankly, this is the original way of eating Keto.

What I noticed when I switched to Clean Keto Eating.:

  • All of my inflammation went away. When I woke up in the morning, my rings weren’t tight, and my face wasn’t swollen
  • My stomach looked and felt flat the whole time. Now, mind you, I had two babies, so I don’t have washboard abs, but during Clean Keto, my stomach looked and felt so flat
  • I started having so much more energy than I used to. The increased energy was immense for me because I have a one-year-old who still gets up at night sometimes, so I don’t get as much sleep as my body needs.
  • Overall, I felt better, my moods were more stable, and I was less anxious
  • My hair started to get thicker. I am not kidding you, my hair has gotten so thin since after having my second baby but I noticed after this challenge that it stopped falling out as much
  • My sleep improved
  • I no longer had cravings for sugar

The point isn’t about tracking macros or counting calories. It’s about eating Real Food First. 

When you are ready to commit to it for a month, I invite you to pick up a copy of the Clean Keto Reset. Its’ a 4week clean keto reboot that will help you reset your weight loss and start healing your body from the inside out. 

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